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"Available 24/7 for customers to schedule online and receive immediate confirmation emails."

Gem Cleaning Services Easy Booking is easy to use, offers more features than any online scheduler we've used in the past, and has the added benefit of allowing us to notify clients directly through the application when their services are booked. The interface allows for input of basic client info, such as address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc. But, it goes one step further and allows us to include notes and special instructions regarding each client's services. This allows us to customize our services for each and every client.

Our representatives have access to all of the records for clients that we serve, so it's a simple for them to provide service at a moment's notice, even if they're filling in for another representative. We can track our reps' scheduled services, and even see when they have scheduled time off for vacations or personal leave. Reps see only their own schedules, but our main office has administrative control and can see all of our reps' schedules. We are greatly impressed with Gem Cleaning Services Easy Booking and highly recommend it to other businesses as a fully-functional, user-friendly and affordable online scheduling application.


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